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Our Mission and Promise to our Nobl Family Members

Published 2019-08-09

Our Mission and Promise to our Nobl Family Members

At nobl, we recognize that to earn respect, we need to behave with honor and integrity, so we are committed to breaking the industry business model by putting everyone on the same side. 

We take a flat fee, so we do not gain from disallowing claims. This means we can make payouts as fast and pain-free as possible, taking the misery out of a normally combative process. And we go even further—we make you, the policyholders, the owners of the company, and share our success with you—our nobl family members. 

We will disrupt the conflict inherent in the current industry model and safeguard the future of the company itself. We will be transparent in all aspects of our business, never hiding behind industry language or complicated policies. We will be straight-talking, concise, and clear in our communications. From costs of premiums to levels of risk, our numbers are always open to inspection. Our easy-to-use online tools put these numbers at the fingertips of our customers.  


Insurance was a simple idea first thought of 5,000 years ago, when merchants pooled together to share their risks and their rewards. Everyone was on the same side. That is the idea behind nobl insurance. Unlike traditional insurers, when you buy a policy from us, you become a shareholder in the company, or policyshareholders as we like to say. You, and the other all the many other policyshareholders, own the business and share in its success. You become part of our insurance revolution. 


The nobl team run the business and manage the fund that is generated by your monthly premiums. We invest your money wisely and honestly; you can check to see how the fund is doing on the website. Everything is simple, open and transparent.  We take a flat fee for running the company. We pay out any claims and anything left goes to back the policyshareholders as a reward dividend to say thank you for being a member of the nobl family. There you have it, a simple idea! 


We use technology to remove all the things that make insurance expensive and make you angry and frustrated. We automate as much as possible, including the claims process, so that we can reduce costs and pay claims faster. We only sell direct to you through our simple and easy to use website, so you can get insured in minutes, no need for insurance brokers. Everything is managed online, and our online chat team will be there to help. So, no more waiting for hours on the phone line for customer services. 

We are committed to using the latest and most advanced technology to create the best customer experience, affordable premiums and hassle-free payouts. With traditional insurers, every dime not paid out in claims is more profit for the company. This is a model that incentivizes the insurer to keep claims to a minimum to build profits. But we take a flat fee to run the business and any additional funds are returned to you the policy holders through the dividend system. Our interests are not in conflict with our policyholders. In fact, we’re happy to pay claims as fast as we can. 

We are passionate about doing things differently by creating simple insurance, like our hot wallet and digital asset insurance that pays out if your crypto exchange is hacked, or using artificial intelligence to make auto insurance simple and more affordable with faster claims payouts. We all want insurance to be a force for goodno more battles, just great affordable insurance from a company that works for you